A closer look at Yunel in August

When mark Teixeira was acquired from the Rangers on the trade deadline not only was John Schuerholz sending a message about how he felt in regards to Brian McCann but he was also making a statement about a young Cuba named Yunel Escobar.  With the slew of rookies we’ve seen over the last three seasons there’s one who stands out in the crowd without saying a word.  Yunel’s a soft spoken hardly heard, hard working kid who’s done nothing thundering but fit into the club house comfortably and Braves line up all summer.  So much so that GM John Schuerholz dealt the clubs top rated middle infield in their minor league system.  Elvis Andres was being compared to Derrick Jeter around the all star break by scouts outside of the organization and was heralded as Edgar Renteria’s replacement in 2009.

As it goes, Andres was traded, Mark Teixeira became the second coming of Fred McGriff and in the eclipse Edgar Renteria injures his ankle.  Out since August 3rd, his replacement who was platooning at second base, Yunel Escobar stepped into a starting roll with the Braves in the heat of a play off race.

Escobar is hitting .315, 17/54 in 15 games, 6r, 3 2b, 0hr, 8 rbi, 2bb, 15so, 1sb.

Nothing special but he’s consistent, and hasn’t created a void after losing your starting SS due to injury and your top prospect in a trade.


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