5 Spot for Hudson.

Hudson_1Tim Hudson took his 6-0 and 1.78 era since the all-star break into Cincinnati. You got to love being spotted 5 runs before throwing your first pitch of the game. All he has to do is toe the rubber for 6 strong innings and he walks away with yet another win.

He just gave up one in the first before stricking out Adam Dunn on a pitch that almost hit the thigh of his back leg. Dunn’s rep must have proceeded him.

Other notes: In “ARROYO CALLS OUT PIRATES” a March 08, 2007 post I made, Bronson Arroyo (6-13 4.58 of the Reds called out division rivals the Pirates. Bronson stated that he would try hard to keep the Reds out of second to last place and far away from the Pirates. Since this is the second time in what feels like a few weeks I’ll update Mr. Arroyo with the current outcome. The Reds are indeed in 5Th, ahead of the last place Pirates with a 54-69 record. The Pirates only have one more lose than the Reds. I also noticed that I wrote about Mark Bellhorn looking out of place in a Reds uniform. Mark, just called up has 7 AB in 8 games.

Teixiera just made it 8-1 with a 3 run home run in the second. This kid is some kind of monster with the wood since coming to the Braves. 8HR 22 RBI in 65 Ab as a Brave. The ran in coming down hard now. Frenchy adds on another hit to the parade….

…bottom of the second, the Reds have tomorrow night’s starting pitcher in the On Deck Circle. What are these Reds up to? They won a tough series against us last time. Bellhorn draws a walk.

Jo Jo Reyes needs a good outing tomorrow.


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