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In the last two years, Jorge Julio has gone from being the closer in Baltimore

to not being their closer to not being the Mets closer to not being the D-Backs closer to being the D-Backs closer to not being the D-Backs closer to finally being the Marlins closer.

The rumor is now a reality for Jorge Julio.  He and his 99 career saves will be set to fill the vacant closer’s role in

Florida.  I like the move because what it does to the rest of the guys in the pen.  You get to push back all those power arm guys to the 7th and 8th inning spots with a rotation that can go 7 strong every night.  It also gives the skipper a go o guy every night and sets up better routines for pen.

He is our closer," Marlins general manager Larry Beinfest said moments after the trade was announced. "Obviously, he has experience doing the job. We love the arm, we have for a few years."



Jjulio3 A name has finally been linked to the Jorge Julio trade from the D-Backs.  Yusmeiro Petit, is the arm that D-Backs would get in return.  Money seems to be the sticking point still.

What else is interesting is the Marlins interest in their former closer Benitez.  Adding these two arms and having a consistant rotation would be wicked nice for the fish.  I don’t even think the Braves would be looking over their shoulders if they land either or both.



…Scouts went to see the D-Backs plan and no it wasn’t to scout Chris Young.  But maybe a reliever like Jorge Julio.  But the problem is the coin.  We all know the Marlins owners have none.  What could the fish send to Arizona to have them eat some of that contract?

  Good young arms in AA.  I think I’d rather keep them.


Owens I got to see Henry Owens pitch today.  My first time watching him and I can say he doesn’t look like a closer.  Not even a closer for the Marlins.  I see the fish as a 75 win team and this isn’t the guy to be the closer.  Sure he throws hard but his control looked off facing scrubs late in this afternoons game.  I’m sure even Jose Reyes could wait back for him to make a mistake in a regular season at bat. 

Ttankersley_1 Look for Tankersley, who had 22 holds as a rookie last year to get is fair look as Marlins closer.  If it wasn’t for his minor injury early in camp he’d be the lead horse for the job already.


Lindstrom Kevin Gregg’s has stuggled so far this spring.  This makes way for Matt Lindstrom, the new contender for the closer role.  Hard throwing but not a lot of work in the minors.  Fredi Gonzalez is better off going with best matchups and the hot arm come April