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Wednesday, July 25th

<a href="https://mlblogsfightlikethebraves.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/jones_c_1_11.jpg.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/jones_c_1_1.jpg&quot; onclick="window.open(this.href, ‘_blank’, ‘width=275,height=235,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,status=no,left=0,top=0’); return false”>Jones_c_1_1Another win against the Giants Tuesday evening. This road trip got off to a great start winning their second road game 7-5. Tim Hudson came within one out of a shutout, but a Giants rally in the ninth made the effort go to waste. Edgar Renteria, Chipper Jones and Kelly Johnson each drove in a pair, with Renteria’s coming in the 13th to put the Braves on top for good. Peter Moylan picked up the win in relief. Chipper’s 5th inning home run (17th of the year) pushes his season rbi total over the 50 mark. Renteria also stole his 10th bag of the season. Chipper went 3/5 and Renteria went 3/7. Both raised their averages and Renteria finds himself third in the league in batting.


1. Jones, C. 3B ATL .347 5th DAY

2. Lee, D. 1B CHC. 339

3. Renteria, E. SS ATL .336

4. Ramirez, H. SS FLA .336

5. Young, D. 1B WSH .335

6. Utley, C. 2B PHI .334

7. Cabrera, M. 3B FLA .334

8. Pence, H. OF HOU .330



Last night in the Atlanta’s lose to St. Louis, Chipper went 1 for 4 and Renteria went 2 for 5.  Chipper dropped a point off his average while Renteria gained one point.  The Braves cross the country to face the Giants in San Francisco.  This will be a much watched series as Bonds is only 3 home runs away from Hank Aarons home run record.


1. Jones, C. 3B ATL .345     3ND DAY

2. Yound, D. 1B WSH .340

3. Lee, D. 1B CHC . 337

4. Utley, C. 2B PHI .337

5. Ramirez, H. SS FLA .336

6. Renteria, E. SS ATL .335

7. Cabrera, M. 3B FLA .333

8. Holliday, M. OF COL .330



Here’s a few stills of Willie Harris diving in last night’s game.  He was thrown out twice stealing in the game but you have to like this guy as the Braves lead off hitter.

Harris does it big Willie Style against Cards

Wilie Harris busted out of a mini slump in front of a record crowd at Turner Field last night.  Harris had gone 8 for 52 in his previous 20 games with no RBIs or extra base hit.  That was until he faced the Cardinals.

Harris_w_1 "Everybody is going to have a bad game," Harris said. "But you go home and you think, ‘Why did you have a bad game, why did you have bad at-bats?’ That’s what I do, personally."

"You come back the next day and try to fix it, but I had no idea I could fix it like that today."

His career night at the plate saw Harris go 6 for 6 with 6 rbi, 2 triples and a stolen base.

"I was just having fun," Harris said. "It’s been a long time since I had fun before I got here to Atlanta. I’m just having fun, trying to play the game the right way and playing hard all the time. Good things happen when you do that."

Despite his recent difficulties at the plate, Harris never felt as if his spot as part of the left-field platoon with Matt Diaz was in danger.

Atlanta manager Bobby Cox rarely gives up on players during slumps, giving them plenty of opportunities to work through it. There was no reason to give up on Harris, who proved his ability by batting .370 through July 3.

Saturday, Harris raised his average from .317 to .339.

"Playing for Bobby is the best experience I’ve ever had," Harris said. "Everything is positive, never negative, regardless of what you do. You make a mental error, miss signs, he’s just so positive. If you go out there, you’ve got to go out and play 120 percent for that."

"He had a great performance," Cox said. "[It was] one of those special nights — two triples and a total of six hits … and he makes a diving, great catch in the ninth inning. It wasn’t important, but he thought it was — [enough that] he made the catch."

Also in last night’s game NL batting leader Chipper Jones raised his average with a 3 for 4 night.  Chipper homered and drove in 4 runs in the contest.


1. Jones, C. 3B ATL .346     2ND DAY

2. Yound, D. 1B WSH .340

3. Utley, C. 2B PHI .339

4. Lee, D. 1B CHC . 337

5. Ramirez, H. SS FLA .336

6. Renteria, E. SS ATL .334

7. Cabrera, M. 3B FLA .331

8. Holliday, M. OF COL .330

National League Batting Leader Is………….

…………….Atlanta’s Chipper Jones.  He went 2 for 3 in last night’s game against the Cardinals.  This pushed Chipper’s Avg. to .341(95/279) on the season.  Going into last night’s action Washington National’s Dimitri Young was leading the league.  He was given the day off but came into the game as a pinch hitter and  grounded out with two on base.


With 65 games left in the season Chipper looks to finish higher than 5th in the league in batting for the first time in his career which has included a league MVP in 1999.