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Tex Talk


So I’ve read two articles on the trade talks for the Texas first baseman. Mark Teixeira, the guy who might be the most coveted bat in the trade market as the deadline winds down. It looks like he’s going some place but his future locker room is still up in the air as Kat O’Brien has stated the Yankees, Dodgers, Orioles, Angels, and Braves are said to be interested in the first baseman.

The latest and hottest name on the list of suitors seems to also be the front runner as their farm is deep. So deep that the Braves are playing Jarrod Saltamacchia, Yunel Escobar and Jo-Jo Reyes in the major leagues.

At first thought I think “**** no” I’m wouldn’t part with what it would cost to get a player for a year and 2 months. As a fan I’m over Andruw Jones. He’s gone to me in my heart and I don’t think it’s that hard to replace a .250 35hr 100rbi guy. Not when you have Kelly Johnson who’s on pace for a 17HR/77rbi/100r season and batting .293 who we dug out for free.

But I took the time to think it over. I thought about what we’d be getting. I’ll admit we haven’t had a great first baseman in years. During our only World Series win we had one of the best at the time in Fred McGriff. Reflecting on McGriff you’ll remember that he was acquired in a midseason trade with the Padres in July 18, 1993. At the time McGriff had the same length left on his contract and was almost an identical hitter to Teixeira. At the time of the trade McGriff was hitting .275 18HR/46rbi in 83 games while Teixeira is hitting .300 13HR/48rbi in 74 games.

So I’m half in favor of the trade now. I just don’t think Escobar, Reyes and another arm will get this deal done. The Yankees won’t give up either of the two pitchers the Rangers want and the Angels are aiming at the White Sox and trying to get Konerko instead. On the other hand, if you keep McCann and you add a legit power bat at 1st than why keep Saltamacchia? If there was any chance to retain Teixeira who is owed $6.4 million next season than this would be a great trade for the Braves. My real fear in landing him is the fact that John Schuerholz has made a few rental type trades in the last few years. The JD Drew trade comes to mind. Saltamacchia is a lot better than Dan Meyer, Juan Cruz and Charles Thomas who we dealt for Tim Hudson in December of ’04. And better than Jason Marquis, Ray King and Adam Wainwright who were all traded for one year of JD Drew.

Think about those two trades plus the McGriff trade and I’m a believer that we might get Teixeira before the July 31s trade deadline.


Going the Other Way

22nd all time in Games played by a pitcher.  It may not stand as a record or something to hang your hat on but I’ll miss the guy who pitched 111 games for the Marlins.

Going the other way in the Armando Benitez trade is RHP Randy Messenger.  It doesn’t sound like much to give up for a big league closer but I think time will tell us that the Giants won this trade.

Blow Me!?!

Benitez_2Armando Blownitez is flying into Florida via trade with the team by the bay.  So what are we to expect from Benitez? I was watching the game Tuesday night with a Mets fan and innings before Benitez would balk and blow the save he was certain that this would unfold.  I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes. A professional pitcher, one who has saved 289 games before Tuesday night wouldn’t be able to toe the rubber like the pro who’d pitched in 719 games.  So after the dust settled, bags packed and flight ticket in hand, Benitez returns to the only city that might actually welcome him.  The 2004 season was true bliss.  A 1.29era and a career high 47 saves helped Benitez’s career rebound after being ousted from the Mets only a season prior. 

I ponder now.  Will he rebound again? Will he even get the chance with the way Kevin Gregg has pitched in May.  The hard throwing Henry Owens is due off the DL soon.  He saved 4 games before the minor detour to the DL.  I wouldn’t count on Armando Benitez being the "guy" atleast not at first.  This isn’t that same 2004 team.  This is a rebuilt team with a new skipper.  He’ll add depth the same way Julio was supposed to do early this season.  We hope he doesn’t share the same numbers as Julio.

Kim In Julio Out

Jjulio3_1 47 days later…. and 9 and a third innings, 18 hits, 13 earned runs, 2 home runs and 11 base on balls in between March 26th and May 13th is what Jorge Julio did as a Marlin.  So much for what I know.  I praised him as the second coming of a closer you’d want to claim come draft day.  Long after every fantasy team was burnt by Julio the Fish send him to the Rockies for the famous Byung-Hyun Kim.

What should be expected of him?  Who knows.  Not I.  I’m taking this project as a wait and see.  I know he could play a good innings eater late in the season.