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Crack What other job could you get where you are allowed to fire employees, waste money, fight, make retarded trades of any and all kind, fight, call in sick and screw the company any way you can and still be told you did a better job than the last guy.  How is it that the gm of the team thinks Thomas is worth another go around.  My God, Toronto paid him to take Jalen Rose. 

But all that is left behind.  I now see who the true evil villian is behind the Knicks.  The one and only Dr. Summer from the O.C.Alfredmolina01 



Let me give you a brief intro.   

Life long Braves fan, part time Yankees fan, I keep one eye on the Blue Jays and now it looks like the other eye will be on the Marlins starting this spring.  I’m Luke Veinot in Nova Scotia covering the Florida Marlins for www.baseballmafia.com.

I’m looking forward to learning and growing as a fan along with this youth club under new skip, Fredi Gonzalez.

Now all we need is the fish to break ground on a new park an we’re set to roll in mud like pigs..er..marlins.